Happy Easter

March 31, 2013

Easter greetings! Last year we spent Easter in London this year we are having a quiet Easter Sunday with a celebration breakfast in lieu of the usual feast, Mr K and I are ready to cook up a full Scottish with a few continental touches courtesy of some croissants and french toast - that's the plan anyway...  Below should have been our Easter card only I never managed to print out and send; sorry folks! Photograph is the yummy cakes Victoria baked last year and the rest from Anna Aspnes.

Julia Doogan

March 30, 2013

I just discovered the other day that one of our very talented students is also a wonderful singer songwriter; please share Julia's music with all your friends, she really does deserve success, and is one of the nicest, modest, most self effacing girls I've ever met.

Jam Jute and Journalism

March 24, 2013

We visited Dundee last weekend to meet up again with our friends from Norway. I'm ashamed to say that we still haven't returned the favour and got our act together to visit Oslo even although in my blog post about our last meet up I was so certain we were going to visit in 2012; Colin got all emotional when Kristian said the nicest thing about us as a couple is that we haven't changed, still the same folk we were 40 years ago...I think it was meant as a compliment, I hope it was meant as a compliment...
I wasn't actually feeling too good at the weekend, recovering from a nasty head cold and had to leave our Friday reunion dinner a bit early for the luxury of my hotel bed, well not exactly luxury as it was the Premier Inn, but it was pretty good none the less. I couldn't be bothered even carrying my camera on Friday so no photographs of the guys having a good time at the DCA this year.

Saturday was rainy and miserable so we took ourselves to the newly refurbished McManus gallery for a wander around the exhibits celebrating Dundee's industrial past. One of the rooms hosted an exhibition called Seven Painters in Dundee and Liz and I reminisced about painting classes as six of the exhibiters were painting lecturers at Duncan of Jordanstone when we were there. I hated painting classes, I just couldn't handle oil paint and linseed oil and turps, I always ended up getting paint all over myself and the paintings just ended up a muddy mess - give me inks any day! Dundee has felt a little sad and unloved for the last few decades but this is no longer the case and I'm happy that the city appears to finally be getting some healthy investment and a huge makeover to welcome the new Victoria  & Albert.

Hideous Bertolli Advert

March 17, 2013

We've been away for the weekend catching up with old friends; I was having a nice cup of coffee this morning lying in bed watching the television in the hotel room when the 'Enjoy Life' Bertolli advert came on. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Imagine what the pitch was like from the advertising agency who came up with this celebration of bullying sexist behaviour:

"Got a brilliant concept guys  - Got the storyboard here - three mature women leering at at a young guy trying to change out of his swim gear under a towel, the women set their dog on him to rip the towel away to expose him and then...wait for it... they take a photograph just to complete the humiliation...brilliant, what fun ROFLOL, spot on for the target market of old leery perverts who want to keep healthy so they can spend even more time on the beach harassing kids! Should we have the dog try to bite him or is that enjoying life too much? No, you're right, maybe too far, let's just have the terrier run out of shot and go with the tag line: Enjoy life!!!!! Excellent, we might win an award with this one, get the production team on it, get filming!"

WTF!!! Have Bertolli and the advertising standards agency totally lost the plot? Reverse this; three  men on the beach leering at a young woman trying to change out of her swimming gear under her towel; release dog, rip off towel to expose young girl naked then take photograph! Actually, it makes no difference whether it is a young man, young woman, or any age in fact, this is totally deplorable. Is this really the message this company want to make: use Bertolli, turn into a hideous sex fiend!

You can watch the advert here then write to the Advertising standards Authority here!

Crochet for beginners

March 13, 2013

Victoria visited this weekend and the highlight of her visit had to be learning to crochet both a flower and a square courtesy of her Gran's patient tutelage. Sadly I can't crochet, I wanted to learn at one point and I do remember once asking my mother to teach me; the answer was "teach yourself - that's the way I learned." Ah well, it just goes to show how folk mellow with age and how grandchildren manage to soften the hardest crochet heart...I'm mightily impressed with Victoria, she began this new hobby by crocheting baby hats of various sizes but you can only crochet so many of these before you get bored, so she has moved on to flowers which is good news for lovely presents of corsage brooches and flowery garlands. Next she mastered a square using a pattern from Mollie Makes. I'm quite addicted to this magazine, I love all the projects!

The whole weekend turned out to be very homemade. Saturday evening we had Nigella Lawson's Greek lamb stew which we have had a couple of times at a friend's house and absolutely adored. I don't think mine turned out exactly the same as Lynne's but it still was very tasty and I'll definitely make it again - recommended for parties and I suspect if you have made loads it tastes all the more delicious reheated the following day. Sara made a gorgeous yoghurt cake for dessert which we ate warm from the oven with créme fraiche and raspberries - then we had to all go lie down, it was like Christmas!

Sunday continued with more crafting; Victoria moved on to mastering crocheted squares - Hello snug blankets! and Sara played about with my stamps and ended up with a cute little card. The house was a riot but who cares, it was fun.

There is no truth to the rumour that I lost patience sewing the crochet flowers onto the crocheted hat - just a little crazy moment caught...

Chalkboard Gift Tags

March 12, 2013

I just adore this little tag which is a free printable from here. Imagine someone taking the trouble to deliver your morning coffee with this attached; I think I would love them forever!


March 04, 2013

Mr K and I took a trip to Loch Lomond on Saturday to stay at the Lodge on Loch Lomond. The hotel had been recommended by a friend so I booked it as a surprise, thinking it would be a good way to get hubby to relax a bit and not think about his usual weekend at the office. The most annoying thing about these kind of trips is that very rarely do the rooms live up to their online photographs; still, at least the view was lovely! We pottered around Luss before checking in to the hotel and ended up having a snack in the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel - we just couldn't resist sampling the deep fried Haggis bon bons, fine dining indeed!

After the Haggis Mr K felt the need to try out the pool in the hotel, eating haggis then swimming is definitely not recommended, this food would normally sink you to the bottom of the pool but the bon bons or haggis balls were so tiny that I felt it was quite safe to let him do a few lengths of freestyle. I wasn't up for a swim but decided to go and snap a few photographs of hubby in the pool - as you do. Not sure the couple in the jacuzzi were too impressed but hey, they left and we got the pool to ourselves for my photoshoot. Two years since Mr K has been swimming, he needed a nap before dinner...

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