Hideous Bertolli Advert Update

June 29, 2013

Been meaning to share my reply from the Advertising Standards authority, or at lease parts of the reply. Apparently ASA received a significant number of complaints about the advert:

1. That the ads were offensive and sexist, because they showed a man being objectified and humiliated, and implied that was socially acceptable. Many of those cpns noted that the adds would not be acceptable if the gender roles had been reversed.

2. That the ads were offensive, irresponsible and harmful, because they showed sexual harassment and bullying and might be seen to encourage or condone sexual harassment, bullying, or inappropriate behaviour of sexual nature.

3. That the ads were offensive and irresponsible, because they trivialised the seriousness of sex-related crimes, and sexual assault in particular.

4. That the TV ads were unsuitable for broadcast at a time when children might be watching.

5. That nudity in the ads was offensive because it was irrelevant to the product.

6. That the ads were offensive and degrading to men.

7. That the ads were offensive and harmful, because they condoned violence to dogs.

8. That the ads were offensive because they trivialised dog attacks.

9. That the ads were offensive because they portrayed old women as being promiscuous and lecherous.

10. That the ads were offensive and racist, because they portrayed a negative and stereotyped view of Mediterranean people and Italians in particular.

11. That the ads were irresponsible and might be seen to condone and encourage bullying or ant-social behaviour to younger viewers or children.

Whilst the Council acknowledged that the theme and humour in the ads might not appeal to everyone, they considered that most viewers would understand that they were attempting to be light hearted and mischievous, rather than sinister or predatory.

The Council did not consider the ads likely to be seen by most viewers as sexist, or to cause serious or widespread offence for that reason. Furthermore, they did not consider that the behaviour shown in the ads was likely to be seen as condoning or encouraging sexual harassment, bullying or inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature. The Council did not consider the ads likely to cause serious or widespread offence, to be seen as irresponsible, or to cause harm for those reasons.

Whilst the the council noted that the man was the butt of the women's joke, they did not consider the ads likely to be seen as degrading to men in general and did not consider it likely to cause serious or widespread offence for that reason.

The Council did not consider the ads likely to be seen as irresponsible or as encouraging or condoning bullying or anti-social behaviour amongst younger viewers or children.

So that's OK then...

Gone sailing

June 26, 2013

It's quiet around here. My life is all about paper at the moment; I'm spending the day doing paperwork stuff at work trying to wind down to the holidays and failing miserably to complete everything I should be completing...and at night I'm making paper flowers for a little project. The house is a riot of bits of paper...everywhere! It's safe to say that I'm not the tidiest of crafters.

Meanwhile Mr. K is away doing some more of this... pictures from a sailing trip at the end of May.

Above is the lovely Louise and the two John boys. John senior keeps trying to persuade me to join Mr K sailing but I'm honestly happier on dry land making paper flowers... but maybe one day!

Monday thought

June 17, 2013

Image by Victoria Donnelly from here

Knitting therapy

June 16, 2013

Lately I've found out that knitting socks is my perfect way of unwinding and de-stressing, the equivalent of a good massage. Why socks, I'm not sure, maybe it's knitting with four needles I like and the quick results or the fact that you can't beat a good pair of woolly socks in the depths of winter, they're so damn cosy, knitting socks is a bit like comfort eating; indulging in a huge pile of thickly buttered toast and a pot of tea in front of an open fire! Even better is that I've also discovered Opal self patterning sock yarn - how clever is this amazing wool !!! The latest pair to be finished have been sent to London to keep my baby girl's tootsies warm in her freezing basement flat but before they were dispatched I took a photograph to show the finished pair.

I bought my wool at the Wooly Brew in Pittenweem but you can get it from many internet suppliers like here or here and there are lots of free patterns on Ravelry - happy days!

The best is yet to come

June 11, 2013

How sweet is this paper cut from the hugely talented Louise McLaren! Visit her Blog here

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