Cushion club

April 06, 2013

The sun continues to shine, we have blue skies so Glaswegians do what they do best - take to the shops! I also took myself to the city centre to buy some wool to finish a cushion cover which actually started life over two years ago as a blanket but I know that I won't ever finish it, so inspired by Victoria's speedy efforts at crochet I have reconfigured the squares into a cushion cover and am determined to finish it unlike many of my other knitting projects which lie in bits waiting to be sewn up!

The pattern is from Debbie Abraham's 'more blankets and throws.' I'm now considering signing up for  her June mystery cushion club, how exciting!


Carol said...

Ooooh I'll have to show Mike that photo - not the cushion, the city shot!!! hahaha Although I'm sure he'd like the cushion too!!

Your knitting Fiona is gorgeous, so even! I'm off to check out that blankets and throws link. Nothing quite like feeling enveloped in a hug in a beautiful handknitted (and warm!!) blanket. (I almost wrote blankie there! hahahahaha)

thecelticcookinshanghai said...

Great pic of Glasgow, make me homesick. Still weather here considerably warmer so may reconsider that first statement.

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