Spring at last

April 02, 2013

It's been a good Easter weekend it started with a trip to town with Sara where she finally made a decision about the colour of the bridesmaid's dresses; we felt it only right that we should mark the occasion and celebrate with coffee and cake - any excuse! The sun finally made an appearance; it's not what you call warm exactly but we're easily pleased in Scotland, any sign of the sun regardless of how fleeting and we are all in a frenzy of positivity looking forward to blissful days of barbecues and sun loungers! Mr K and I decided to venture forth for a walk round Pollok park on Easter Monday, mainly because I was looking for branches for a project I have in mind. I didn't actually tell Mr K what I had in mind when I suggested the walk and when I found what I thought was the perfect branch he refused to a) help me carry it and b) put it in his car... he wasn't in the least supportive of my creative concept even although I explained in great detail what I was planning to do, he just shook his head and said no way was he transporting half a tree home in his car...men!

To make up for the disappointing lack of suitable branches which would be allowed in his car, we decided to have a wander round the Burrell collection and then treat ourselves to coffee but like the branch, this was not to be - I swear that the whole of Glasgow and their children were in the cafe! Not a seat to be had and one look at the queue at the coffee area was enough for us; back home to our local deli Pane e Vino and a delicious italian cappuccino - perfect!

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Carol said...

Fantastic collection of photographs. I swear if I ever make it to Scotland I am so going to visit you so we can go on a photo walk together. You see the coolest things.

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