The simple life

April 29, 2013

Ah, life was a lot simpler when I was a girl and kids were a lot hardier, either that or summers were considerably warmer than they have been for the past few decades. I mention this fact everytime I walk past the swimming pool on the outskirts of St Monans; not about the summers being warmer but about how hardy we were as kids as my friend and I used to swim in this pool. We didn't do it very often as it unnerved me slightly coming face to face with fish while swimming and you could never put your feet down as they would squish into layers of seaweed and whatever else lurked on the bottom. The pool is no longer maintained and to be honest I don't think it ever was, not really, but it didn't stop us having a dip, admittedly that was in the days before liability claims, no child would be allowed in this pool these days; their parents would probably sue for the trauma encountered meeting a fish!
The swings at Pittenweem must have the best view any kid could have along the East Neuk of Fife.

The very best thing about the East Neuk in my opinion is the woeful lack of mobile access, especially if you are an O2 customer as I am. Good if you want to get away from it all, bad if you break a leg while walking the coastal path and need help but then you can't have everything I suppose... Baby girl and Craig came to stay for a couple of nights and although they said they loved the peace and quiet of the little fishing village the reality of doing cold turkey away from social media was another thing entirely. There is a little spot at the harbour in St Monans where you can pick up a signal and that's where the digital crew hung much for the simple life.

From here to there

April 28, 2013

One sunny day during Easter Mr K and I walked from St Monans to Lower Largo - 8.7 miles, which we managed to do quite happily this time without our hips seizing up or any blisters appearing on heels, in fact it was all good. It took us four and a half hours but that included a nice stop for cappucino and a cream scone at Elie; you can tell that we are leisurely strollers rather than competitive walkers... As we approached Lower Largo there was a bit of a debate going on about refreshments. Glowing from all the exercise, with the wind in our hair and ruddy cheeks we were feeling self righteous and healthy so decided on a couple of glasses of water to toast our achievement – but I felt that I deserved a glass of wine, and then after another half an hour of walking Mr K felt that he too deserved a bit of a reward so The Railway Tavern it was at 4pm on the dot. We had dinner in the Crusoe hotel but the sticky toffee pudding defeated me then we got the bus home...The end.

Cushion club

April 06, 2013

The sun continues to shine, we have blue skies so Glaswegians do what they do best - take to the shops! I also took myself to the city centre to buy some wool to finish a cushion cover which actually started life over two years ago as a blanket but I know that I won't ever finish it, so inspired by Victoria's speedy efforts at crochet I have reconfigured the squares into a cushion cover and am determined to finish it unlike many of my other knitting projects which lie in bits waiting to be sewn up!

The pattern is from Debbie Abraham's 'more blankets and throws.' I'm now considering signing up for  her June mystery cushion club, how exciting!

Labour of love

April 03, 2013

I'm so proud of my girl! Well done Victoria for completing her first crochet blanket. It was done as a baby present for a work colleague who is just about to start her maternity leave but Granny believes that Victoria should keep it as it's her first ever crochet blanket - decisions, decisions...

Spring at last

April 02, 2013

It's been a good Easter weekend it started with a trip to town with Sara where she finally made a decision about the colour of the bridesmaid's dresses; we felt it only right that we should mark the occasion and celebrate with coffee and cake - any excuse! The sun finally made an appearance; it's not what you call warm exactly but we're easily pleased in Scotland, any sign of the sun regardless of how fleeting and we are all in a frenzy of positivity looking forward to blissful days of barbecues and sun loungers! Mr K and I decided to venture forth for a walk round Pollok park on Easter Monday, mainly because I was looking for branches for a project I have in mind. I didn't actually tell Mr K what I had in mind when I suggested the walk and when I found what I thought was the perfect branch he refused to a) help me carry it and b) put it in his car... he wasn't in the least supportive of my creative concept even although I explained in great detail what I was planning to do, he just shook his head and said no way was he transporting half a tree home in his!

To make up for the disappointing lack of suitable branches which would be allowed in his car, we decided to have a wander round the Burrell collection and then treat ourselves to coffee but like the branch, this was not to be - I swear that the whole of Glasgow and their children were in the cafe! Not a seat to be had and one look at the queue at the coffee area was enough for us; back home to our local deli Pane e Vino and a delicious italian cappuccino - perfect!

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