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March 24, 2013

We visited Dundee last weekend to meet up again with our friends from Norway. I'm ashamed to say that we still haven't returned the favour and got our act together to visit Oslo even although in my blog post about our last meet up I was so certain we were going to visit in 2012; Colin got all emotional when Kristian said the nicest thing about us as a couple is that we haven't changed, still the same folk we were 40 years ago...I think it was meant as a compliment, I hope it was meant as a compliment...
I wasn't actually feeling too good at the weekend, recovering from a nasty head cold and had to leave our Friday reunion dinner a bit early for the luxury of my hotel bed, well not exactly luxury as it was the Premier Inn, but it was pretty good none the less. I couldn't be bothered even carrying my camera on Friday so no photographs of the guys having a good time at the DCA this year.

Saturday was rainy and miserable so we took ourselves to the newly refurbished McManus gallery for a wander around the exhibits celebrating Dundee's industrial past. One of the rooms hosted an exhibition called Seven Painters in Dundee and Liz and I reminisced about painting classes as six of the exhibiters were painting lecturers at Duncan of Jordanstone when we were there. I hated painting classes, I just couldn't handle oil paint and linseed oil and turps, I always ended up getting paint all over myself and the paintings just ended up a muddy mess - give me inks any day! Dundee has felt a little sad and unloved for the last few decades but this is no longer the case and I'm happy that the city appears to finally be getting some healthy investment and a huge makeover to welcome the new Victoria  & Albert.

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