Hideous Bertolli Advert

March 17, 2013

We've been away for the weekend catching up with old friends; I was having a nice cup of coffee this morning lying in bed watching the television in the hotel room when the 'Enjoy Life' Bertolli advert came on. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Imagine what the pitch was like from the advertising agency who came up with this celebration of bullying sexist behaviour:

"Got a brilliant concept guys  - Got the storyboard here - three mature women leering at at a young guy trying to change out of his swim gear under a towel, the women set their dog on him to rip the towel away to expose him and then...wait for it... they take a photograph just to complete the humiliation...brilliant, what fun ROFLOL, spot on for the target market of old leery perverts who want to keep healthy so they can spend even more time on the beach harassing kids! Should we have the dog try to bite him or is that enjoying life too much? No, you're right, maybe too far, let's just have the terrier run out of shot and go with the tag line: Enjoy life!!!!! Excellent, we might win an award with this one, get the production team on it, get filming!"

WTF!!! Have Bertolli and the advertising standards agency totally lost the plot? Reverse this; three  men on the beach leering at a young woman trying to change out of her swimming gear under her towel; release dog, rip off towel to expose young girl naked then take photograph! Actually, it makes no difference whether it is a young man, young woman, or any age in fact, this is totally deplorable. Is this really the message this company want to make: use Bertolli, turn into a hideous sex fiend!

You can watch the advert here then write to the Advertising standards Authority here!

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Booting misandry where it hurts! said...

I have complained mate and I have tweeted the link to this page on my twitter feed. We need to act to stop this sexism and not just laugh at his alleged mis-fortune.

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