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October 14, 2012

Can't remember where I picked this up from, it's been lying on my desktop for a while - love it!

Where have you been?

October 13, 2012

I haven't blogged since April, I just fell out of love with my little blog. It happens... I'm back now for a little while and for the folks who have been asking what I've been doing for the past few months, here are some of the edited highlights.

A couple of long holiday weekends in May so we stayed at our friend Helen's house in St Monans which is usually a sleepy little fishing village but the weekend we visited it was invaded by a crew filming the Railway Man with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. We watched a scene at the harbour but then decided it was too boring for words, I mean just how many times does Colin Firth have to walk up to Nicole before it's a take - sheesh! Pittenweem, which is the next village to St Monans has built it's own skiff and Helen is the 'rowing co-ordinator' which has impressed me no end, when did my pal turn into an outdoor rowing type person - WTG Helen! Mr K and I offered our support by watching one of the rowing practices but both declined the offer of a shot, it was much better fun criticising the rowing technique of the crew, don't you find that sport looks so much easier when you're not actually taking part... Photography exhibition in Scotland street school took up one Saturday and of course it was Mr K's birthday in May, another year closer to his bus pass...                                                                      

The highlight in June had to be the Jubilee. Mr K was sailing so I visited Victoria and Rob in London to enjoy the celebrations, I mean it's not like there was anything going on in Scotland! london was certainly festooned from top to bottom with union jack bunting, I also provided bunting courtesy of Marks and Spencer to hang up on Victoria's balcony so we could get into the swing of things too. Jubilee cakes from Selfridges and a bit of bunting, you just can't go wrong! Victoria noticed that Choccywoccydoohdah were having a jubilee party so we decided to go visit and have a look at their cakes. It was fun, they were filming for their reality programme but it developed into a bit of a scrum when they cut the Jubilee cake - proud to say my girl fought her way in to get a couple of pieces so we could sample the cake! There was a swish street party in Primrose Hill; that's where I got the photograph of the cute dog. The day of the water pageant it was soooo cold and wet, VERY wet, we went for breakfast to Islington then decided to go back home and watch it all on TV!                                                                 

July was ALL about birthdays! Victoria had a milestone birthday, she turned thirty; not sure that I feel old enough to have a child who is 30 but I guess it must be true. Happily her actual birthday fell on a Saturday, perfect for celebrating, and boy - did we celebrate! While the birthday girl started her day with her customary Bikram yoga, Sara, Rob and Craig decorated the flat with birthday balloons and got the presents ready for her return, we arrived from the hotel in time for the presents and brilliant bacon rolls and coffee. Her actual Party was in the garden at the Pembroke in Primrose Hill which we decorated with posters, bunting and cushions decorated with fabric pictures of Victoria; the cake from Choccywoccydoodah was a great success, the wine flowed, the chat was good, although I'm sure there were times when the English guests couldn't understand the Scottish accents, we should come with subtitles as the chat speeds up after a few glasses of wine, regardless of language challenges it was definitely a great birthday party! Sara's birthday was next, sedate in comparison to the London celebrations, but still a special day for our  baby girl. Last was Auntie Maureen, Sara and Craig organised the birthday celebrations in their flat complete with cool birthday cake!                                                                                                      
Back to work in August but not before another week in Fife and a visit to the Pittenweem Arts Festival, then it was time for my lovely mother's birthday. The weather was kind, we had a barbecue and the birthday cake was a pavlova - perfect way to celebrate eighty seven years!

Then of course there was this:


What can I say - it was more than I thought possible; inspirational, moving, truly uplifting, a wonderful life changing experience for sure, we will be eternally grateful to Victoria for getting us tickets for the paralympics - what a weekend!

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