April 21, 2012

When I was growing up and at that awkward thirteen to fifteen age, all life revolved around the Jackie comic. There was silence on the school bus the day Jackie came out as we all poured over the comic strips soaking in the sheer romance of it all; fabulous mini skirted beauties and long haired handsome guys.  Always a happy ending, even if occasionally there was a tragic motorbike accident, another handsome guy would always pop up to console the grieving girlfriend and we just knew that they would fall in love and everything would turn out perfectly, what else could happen?
I loved my Jackie comics so much that I tore out my favourite stories to keep forever, I mean there was obviously going to be a time in life when I would need to revisit the Jackie Beauty Box for advice on greasy skin and hair or the Cathy and Claire problem page! These pages have been in the attic yellowing nicely and becoming bit fragile with age, as paper does after 40+ years. I suggested to Sara that I could scan a page and turn it into a poster for their kitchen; I've added some colour to the dress and have mocked up the size I'm thinking of getting printed using an older photograph from their first flat. Of course, I'll let Sara and Craig choose which story they want - there are so many to choose from...

Monday thought

April 16, 2012

From Simon Wild Illustration

Vintage wedding

April 15, 2012

Wedding research has started so Sara, Craig's mum Lynn and I spent an enjoyable morning having coffee before visiting a vintage wedding fair in the Hillhead bookclub. I loved all the different stalls especially the one with the gorgeous crockery courtesy of Butler & Taylor; I now wish I had rescued all the old tea sets from my Granny and Great Aunts when I had the chance – hindsight' s a great thing... sigh! The wedding cake is from Three Sisters Bake – isn't it just beautiful! Jewellery is from the talented Euan McWhirter, who is just back from a trip to New York and feeling a tad jet lagged poor lad; I can see how his designs are so popular with the movers and shakers of the fashion world though – they've definitely got that WOW factor. The venue was just perfect and everyone was genuinely nice, apart from one of the florists who came over a bit snooty to the bride to be, still, I guess there's always one...

Sock it to them...

April 13, 2012

I've been knitting socks lately – no idea why, given that we are looking forward to the summer months where sandals not socks will be the requisite footwear. I bought this wool in a closing down sale during a visit to St Andrews and the sock pattern got thrown in for free; I love when that happens. It also happened during our London trip when I was seduced by John Lewis to spend a ridiculous amount on Rowan wool and the pattern book also got thrown in for free – a beautiful book full of cute toddler knits, can't wait to start a lovely little cardigan but not until I've finished the second lot of socks on the pins. The next babies are blues and neutrals not like these rainbow tootsies at all. I was looking through my stash of vintage knitting patterns recently and came across a small pattern book called Gloves, Stockings and Socks from the forties I think. There are various patterns for lace, lattice and herringbone stitch stockings, who knew? I do suspect that Mr K will think I've gone completely loopy if I get out the three ply and start to knit myself a pair of stockings – then again – maybe not...

Easter Days

April 11, 2012

The K family spent Easter in London this year, we all travelled south, Sara and Craig to hotel hop and Mr K and I to stay at Victoria and Rob's flat. It was a relaxing visit just enjoying spending time together, no visit to the Tate to see Damien Hirst  for us - do you think we are the only family not to go? I reckon we saw some great art in Meat Liquor instead!

Victoria persuaded her Dad to join her at Bikram Yoga - he wasn't smiling like that after the third session!

Brunch for Craig and Sara in Mishkins, which as you can see from the photographs was deserted apart from us! Can't comment on the food as we were fed at Maison Primrose Hill so we just had coffee which wasn't the kind of coffee porn that Sara and Victoria love so not worthy of a photograph...

Early evening there was some Koninck beer at the Lowlander in Drury lane where we were joined by John en route to a work function, hence the sharp suit and cufflinks, so unlike the casual weekend guy we know and love, but I guess that's working in the city for you! Can't tell you what John does but it's the kind of job which involves signing the Official Secrets Act... Anyway, in case I've blown his MI6 cover I'll move on. John bought champagne to toast the engaged couple which was a lovely surprise, this engagement celebration just keeps on going and going, which is just great for Sara and Craig and everyone else who gets to share the champagne. More Champagne was on offer from Victoria and Rob the next day as well, I think we could all get used to this lifestyle!

Dinner at Meat Liquor after the Lowlander, which started with a 20 minute queue to get in. It's like eating in a night club, dark and with VERY loud music which is perfectly OK if you just want to eat and not talk to anyone, maybe not ideal for a first date or catching up on friend's news or maybe I'm just too damn old for night clubs!
The burgers were great though and fabulous value; food comes on a tray with a kitchen roll, no plates and the drinks are served in jars. Victoria ordered Chilli cheese fries, onion rings and extra fries with our burgers and I was convinced that a mound of food would be left, but no... all hoovered up. Give it a try, I adored the decor and maybe the music isn't as loud at lunch time...

No visit to London is complete without a quick turn round Camden market. We didn't buy anything although were intrigued by the idea of deep fried oreos - thought it was only the Scots who deep fried sweet stuff...obviously not!

Victoria noticed this piece of graffiti on the railway bridge, maybe Craig has taken up art?

Highlights of our trip? Everything! Fabulous cooking from our hosts, lots of laughs, even when Rob managed to burn out the base of Victoria's mixing bowl. Red wine in the rain, walks round Regent's Park, spending far too much money on delicious wool in John Lewis, cuddles on the sofa, yummy easter cakes, hot cross buns and coffee ( Oh! Victoria - Rob ate yours didn't he...) Mr K's Bikram Yoga sessions, Meat Liquor burgers ... I could go on and on but the real thing that made this so special is just being with people you love!

London visits are tiring though – aren't they?

Island of Bute

April 03, 2012

Spent last weekend on the Island of Bute for a mini break; I haven't been to Rothesay since I was ten years old, and that's a very long time ago I can tell you! The only thing I remember about that trip was that I was bought a charm bracelet from a little gift shop on the front and my Dad took soooo long trying to take a photograph of my mother and me that I burst into tears of frustration – I still come from the school of thought that you should just snap away quickly and by the law of averages, one will turn out!

We stayed at Chandlers Hotel, a nine bed hotel that overlooks Ascog Bay and is owned by a refreshingly  friendly couple called Alison and Andrew, it's nice to be able to say that about a hotel, that the owners are welcoming and friendly rather than the usual impersonal greeting from the larger establishments. Food was great as well so we ate there both nights rather than make the trip back into Rothesay which I have to say, looked a bit sad and run down, a far cry from the heady "doon the watter" days.

The weather started off fine on Sunday so we visited Kilchatten Bay and took a stroll to the lighthouse on
Rubh an Eun. As usual we weren't really dressed for the terrain and Mr K was praying that we wouldn't bump into any serious walkers who would look aghast at my orange pumps, I think the sign post with the two boot grade key might have been a hint but hey, we did it anyway - these pumps are made for walking LOL! If you are interested in the Kilchattan bay Circular walk and have the right gear then the description is here. Sadly the rain appeared in the afternoon so we explored the Island further by car and had coffee at the Mount Stuart visitor centre. I would definitely come back to do some of the walks round the estate, maybe in the Autumn when there are no midges!
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