Island of Bute

April 03, 2012

Spent last weekend on the Island of Bute for a mini break; I haven't been to Rothesay since I was ten years old, and that's a very long time ago I can tell you! The only thing I remember about that trip was that I was bought a charm bracelet from a little gift shop on the front and my Dad took soooo long trying to take a photograph of my mother and me that I burst into tears of frustration – I still come from the school of thought that you should just snap away quickly and by the law of averages, one will turn out!

We stayed at Chandlers Hotel, a nine bed hotel that overlooks Ascog Bay and is owned by a refreshingly  friendly couple called Alison and Andrew, it's nice to be able to say that about a hotel, that the owners are welcoming and friendly rather than the usual impersonal greeting from the larger establishments. Food was great as well so we ate there both nights rather than make the trip back into Rothesay which I have to say, looked a bit sad and run down, a far cry from the heady "doon the watter" days.

The weather started off fine on Sunday so we visited Kilchatten Bay and took a stroll to the lighthouse on
Rubh an Eun. As usual we weren't really dressed for the terrain and Mr K was praying that we wouldn't bump into any serious walkers who would look aghast at my orange pumps, I think the sign post with the two boot grade key might have been a hint but hey, we did it anyway - these pumps are made for walking LOL! If you are interested in the Kilchattan bay Circular walk and have the right gear then the description is here. Sadly the rain appeared in the afternoon so we explored the Island further by car and had coffee at the Mount Stuart visitor centre. I would definitely come back to do some of the walks round the estate, maybe in the Autumn when there are no midges!


esther_a said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the world. Gotta laugh about the footwear, though!

Carol said...

Well I think your orange pumps are smashing! I would wear them in a heartbeat. I love seeing photos of your weekends away, all the little things you capture. Terrific.

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