Old Bean

January 30, 2012

I was at a meeting on Friday about work stuff and one of the college representatives arrived late, I didn't take much notice of him but after the meeting was finished he came up behind me and said something like "you're pretty gorgeous so I'll give you my business card"...I looked at him in shock thinking that either he had some kind of visual impairment or he was a lunatic masquerading as a lecturer...then I laughed because I recognised him as Alan – Alan who was in my class at Art School many moons ago. We haven't seen each other in years and his grey hair threw me for a second, I need to remember that guys don't do the hair colour thing. We spent some time chatting about the usual "who are you still in touch with?" Alan reminded me that it will be 40 years next September since we were those young students embarking on 4 years of study... and partying, I did a fair bit of partying it has to be said. I used to think I was a wild child but those were the days when the pubs shut at 10 pm so with hindsight we couldn't have been that wild compared to today's students!

Alan told me that he is putting together a website to commemorate the 40th anniversary, going to have lots of memorabilia and photographs; the class of "72" now and then. He asked if I still had any of his drawings? "Are you kidding" I said "of course I still have some drawings" Alan was the guy who drew cartoons all the time and was in great demand for tickets and birthday cards; this is the card he drew for my 21st birthday (rescued from my memory box in the attic) I've scanned the front and middle so you can see the whole thing. That's me on the front - check out the seventies flairs and the BIG eyelashes! I wondered what the tan fixer was about in his illustration, then remembered that I had been my first ever holiday abroad just before my birthday and I was very proud of my Spanish tan LOL!!!

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