January 13, 2012

My life recently has been about mountains – mountains of paperwork and clothes. I decided to have a wardrobe clear out before I went back to work so hauled everything out from drawers and wardrobes and ruthlessly decided to get rid of all those clothes which lurk around waiting for me to drop a dress size or three; to return to those heady days when I actually had a waist! I figure that if that actually happens then I'll be so ecstatic that I'll reward myself with some new gear rather than recycling the old stuff. If anyone is wondering what the lime green piece of fabric is, it's a summer dress I bought one day when I was obviously having a delusional moment, thinking thin with sun kissed brown skin skipping along a beach. Reality is that it looks beyond hideous on me, I look like a big lump of phlegm, which is never a good look, and I've never actually worn it. Out went piles of clothes to the charity shop although I did retain some favourites which I still have hopes of fitting in and sadly I didn't get rid of the dress, phlegm colour might be in next year!

Clothes are dealt with. Shame I'm not having the same success with the paperwork mountain...sigh!


esther_a said...

I'm trying hard to do this, too! I'm SUCH a hoarder! Funny how I just finished Ali Edward's post about using a red pen to cross out (metophorically) everything in our life that we don't need. Are you all sending me a message?!!
BTW I can't imagine you EVER looking like a blob of phlegm but I can relate to the disappearing waistline problem!

Charles Jamieson said...

I have similar mountains

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