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October 10, 2011

Sara and Craig had their offer accepted on a flat today – they will finally be leaving behind the rented flat they have been living in and moving into their very own home at the end of November. Exciting times for a young couple who have been desperate to have somewhere to call their own, to make their own.
Image from Amy Casey.


October 09, 2011

I have to start this post with a confession; I lied about the healthy eating and giving up wine, well I lied about part of it. We have certainly been eating healthy low fat meals courtesy of Rosemary Conley recipes but I only got to Tuesday before Mr. K suggested some wine; our friends were also distressed at the thought of their new abstemious buddies - what can you do when faced with this kind of peer group pressure, I need Rosemary to come live with me, be my friend and make me spend my spare time working out to her DVDs and not hang out with buddies who like wine. You know who you are...

The weekend started on Friday with a glass of wine at our local pub with the aforesaid buddies, admittedly, my idea and then we decided to eat at a neighbourhood restaurant Wee Cucina, we had the piccoli piatti (small plates) of different dishes which we all shared. Good start to the weekend.

Saturday, Mr K and I headed to Cromlix House. This was a Groupon deal I bought way back in March and promptly forgot about until recently. The deal was a glass of bubbly, afternoon tea, dinner, bed and breakfast for two for £145 instead of £366. When I tried to book there was no way I could get a Saturday night unless I upgraded to a suite for an extra £25, so that's what I did. The hotel is independently run and marketed as a country house hotel with some quirks. Our suite was massive, we had our own sitting room, think shabby chic with a hint of great Granny; our sitting room had pale yellow wing armchairs with blue tartan blankets, pink and floral frilly cushions, floral curtains, a writing desk and a blue carpet.  The bedroom was massive complete with tartan chaise longue, I kept expecting the chamber maid to come in and light the fires, sadly that didn't happen. No complaints about dinner, my venison was lovely, its just I don't do four courses very well, especially after afternoon tea; I managed three but then felt like I needed to go lie down so I couldn't even consider ordering a dessert, and that is unheard of for me! The photographs are of the reception area with log fire and what was probably the original drawing room. The rain finally stopped this morning so we had a quick stroll round the gardens before leaving but as usual I didn't have the right gear on - should have been Hunter wellies and gillets not my inadequate pumps, ah well!

Would we go back? If we hadn't been there with the Groupon deal then our one night would have cost us £446.05. Our final bill included £16.90 for two gin and tonics, £26.75 for a bottle of Merlot and £1.30 for a Sunday newspaper... need I say more, the answer is no.


October 08, 2011

Every day this week I have looked at this photograph and felt a little teary. It's strange to feel so sad over the death of someone you have never met but I guess that's what happens when that someone has the iconic status of Steve Jobs. I was trained on an Apple Mac eons ago, a little Mac classic, it was love then and it's love now. Fond memories of teaching page layout on a tiny screen using Pagemaker software...
I've never had anything other than a Mac, sure, there was the ugly one in the nineties, the beige PowerMac but that was just a little design blip before the iMacs and I forgive Apple for that PC looking machine as they had lost their way after sacking Steve. After the ugly beige period we bought the Graphite iMac for home and at the College I teach we had rooms of raspberry and blueberry iMacs. Some of the students had never seen anything like it, they were instantly smitten; after the colourful period it was G4 PowerMacs and those cute white pod iMacs. At home we updated to a white G5 and now it's a sleek silver iMac.  Mr K just bought me an ipad for my birthday, it was a total surprise present. Now I can snuggle up with him on the sofa and browse blogs instead of being glued to the Mac, well that's the theory anyway, and it completes the circle for us; computers, phones, ipad. If anyone hasn't watched Steve Job's inspirational Stanford commencement speech then please spend a little time listening to this wonderful man, I'm feeling a little teary again...

Eat Real

October 03, 2011

Started new healthy lifestyle today, no more wine and crisps for me! Fabulous Eat Real poster from Black Harbor.

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