Wish I was at the beach

September 28, 2011

It's been a gorgeous day and I've been stuck at a computer all afternoon - sigh! I wish I was sitting on a deck somewhere gazing out to sea instead of on the 10th floor gazing over Cardonald...
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September Weekend

September 27, 2011

Friday and a Monday holiday last weekend - Yay! Even better was the fact that Victoria was visiting from London, and we managed to have a lunch on Sunday with the rest of the family and John and Libby, who are of course honorary family! Victoria spent most of her visit moaning about the cold, she's definitely grown soft since she moved south, Mr K resolutely ignored her as she sat on the sofa wrapped in a blanket... he really doesn't understand about the cold and considers a Scottish September still summer. At least I offered to fill her Pooh hot water bottle for bed.
Granny arrived bearing gifts on Sunday, a new steam iron and light up Christmas trees, what a combination. Not just any steam iron, but a super duper one which will cut my ironing time in half. I'll let you know if it works once I tackle the small mountain of Mr. K's shirts stored upstairs. My mother keeps phoning; "have you tried it yet?" "Nope, not yet Mum. Tomorrow..." I haven't turned the house into a steam filled laundry yet but I did indulge her and displayed the Christmas trees on our mantle. I often wondered who the mad people were who put up Christmas decorations in September. Now I know...
The fairy lights are there all year round so I guess a few christmas trees won't make much difference.
Monday, we walked in the local park and I got the chance to snap a few photographs of Victoria and Mr. K. Note the completed fingerless gloves - I'm quite proud of those! It's my birthday this week and the box contains my present from Victoria and Rob...


September 19, 2011

Very early start for me this morning; up before 6 am to make sure I made the 7.40 train to Aberdeen for a masterclass in case teaching lead by Professor Simon Parker. I'm quite ashamed to say that this was my first ever visit to Aberdeen, imagine never having made the effort before - shocking! Weather was beautiful, the journey relaxing and Prof Parker quite charming... Highlight of the day has to be that I got to use an award winning Loo, not everyone can claim to have done that...


September 18, 2011

Not been a brilliant weekend as my throat thing has morphed into a hacking cough, the kind that keeps you up at night and makes you want to throw up - lovely. Saturday late afternoon I was back on the sofa and Mr K mentioned that Spartacus was on TV... brilliant I enthused, just the thing for slobbing out on the sofa.
It's on for hours he stated with dismay, but I'm not well, I countered and I love Spartacus. I have to tell you that Mr K in no way shares my enthusiasm for film but he is kind and loving so he sloped off to do other stuff, like watch the rugby world cup upstairs, have a nap, do anything but watch Kirk Douglas. Eventually he came back downstairs after a couple of hours, sat down despondantly: "F%@k, is he still not crucified ....?"


September 15, 2011

I'm off to lie on the sofa and feel sorry for myself; throat that feels like I'm swallowing broken glass. I've been cursing and blaming the new students all day for introducing strains of bacteria for which I've no immunity... Well, I have to blame someone! Illustration from Russ Mills

More Mull

September 13, 2011

We ate at Cafe Fish on Saturday night. I took lots of photographs but sadly they are all too grainy, no use at all, so I don't have my customary food pics to post. I actually took a photograph of my fish pie and of my empty plate to show the taxi driver. Why? On the 30 minute journey across the island to Tobermory from Torloisk, John, Colin and I ended up feeling nauseous; probably due to the hilly, winding, bumpy roads being driven at speed by Mull's answer to Jenson Button. Libby obviously has a cast iron stomach as she had no ill effects at all! When we arrived at the restaurant the taxi driver cheerfully told us the fish pie on the menu was delicious but very rich so he doubted we would be able to finish it. I had the fish pie, which was delicious and I ate every bit - but I am a pig! I was a bit worried about the journey back I admit but you know what it's like, after a few glasses of wine the memory fades...

Before we got in the taxi for the return journey I showed Jenson a photograph of my empty plate and suggested that if he didn't slow down on the way back then the contents of my stomach were likely to grace the back of his gleaming cab...As it happened, I didn't have to worry. Hilly, winding, bumpy roads in the pitch dark with the added danger of deer and sheep slowed him down beautifully and we all arrived home with the contents of our stomachs still intact.

The nice thing about staying in somewhere so remote is that you don't have to worry about people walking past your window so we left the bedroom blinds open and the first thing we spotted on waking up was a deer - now you don't get that kind of thing in Glasgow, a deer in your front garden!


September 11, 2011

Last weekend our friends John and Libby invited us to join them in Mull for the middle weekend of their vacation on the Island. The plan had been for Mr K and I to leave work early and get to Oban in lots of time for the 4pm ferry. What actually happened was that we made good time and were within an hour of arriving at the ferry when we discovered the road to Oban was closed because of an accident. We hadn't brought the Sat Nav but luckily Mr K has a brilliant sense of direction so he took off to drive to Oban via a single track road which skirts Loch Awe. It was like being in a car rally! I kept saying to him: "I don't want to die..."he kept telling me that his car was made for roads like that...We made it to the ferry with 15 minutes to spare and was the last but one car to be squashed on... More single track roads once we landed in Mull and more "I don't want to die..."from me until we finally arrived at Cuan Choluim Chille to be greeted by John with champagne, followed by a delicious meal cooked by Libby, that's what I call a welcome!
The following morning we woke to mist covering the hills in the distance but luckily no rain. After breakfast we headed out for a walk and then back in the afternoon for a little knitting and crochet while Mr K and John did what guys do, and watched sport...

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