June 27, 2011

Couldn't resist taking a photograph of this gate; the paint peeling away from the bleached wood - lovely!


June 26, 2011

I love my mother intensely, when I was little I thought she was the most perfect person on earth and today I still think she is the best mother ever. It's a cliché, but I had a kind of perfect childhood where she was always there, giving love unconditionally, sewing my clothes, knitting my jumpers, cooking and baking, spending time with me... a ladybird book kind of childhood with a touch of Enid Blyton thrown in for good measure. It's not that as a family we had a lot of material wealth, in fact the opposite was probably true but I certainly got bucket loads of love and encouragement and as I grew up to adulthood I found that more than just loving my Mum because she was my Mum I liked her as well, she's just great company and a lot of fun, always has been. Today Mr K and I went to visit and take her out for lunch. Mum's favourite place at the moment is a garden centre which has sprung up outside the town she lives in; Dobbies has become THE place to hang out and spend money, these places have very little to do with gardens and lots to do with food and stuffed toys and ornaments and scented candles and things that you really don't want to possess but feel compelled to buy! We had lunch then Mum and I had a good look round at all the stuff on sale from the Deli goods to stuffed hedgehogs. I was nearly seduced by the stripy pasta but as Mr K has an aversion to impulse buying I managed to control myself and only purchased some new oil for the diffuser in the hall - Asian Mango smells now greet visitors to the K household.

One of the reasons I held back with the impulse buying was that Mum had already given me a present of two bottles for oil and vinegar purchased from the shopping channel QVC. These are special bottles in as much as you fill them with the oil and then you can pump the oil up into the top container so that you can accurately measure one tablespoonful etc. This worries me a lot. QVC is a bit like internet shopping for pensioners without the computer, it's there to lure the over eighties into buying things they shouldn't, so easy my mum tells me - just a phone call, and the people are so nice. Luckily the purchases have been small things so far, a cheese slate and the bottles and a candle, Oh no, I forgot about the special stacking boxes for the microwave which would create a perfect meal in one go - and then Mum had to buy a new microwave so the boxes would fit. This lady is eighty six this year and still sharp as a tack so she patiently listened as I made her promise not to buy the Elemis products on sale at a marked down price today on QVC. Of course I won't she said. I forgot to pick up my scarf when we left and ran back to her flat to pick it up -  television was on and guess what - Elemis  is a wonderful bargain on QVC today...

Relics and cake

June 25, 2011

My favourite time of the week is Friday, I have always loved Fridays, the promise of the weekend to come; on a Friday evening Monday morning seems far away and Saturdays are full of endless possibilities. Of course the secret to a successful Saturday is to not indulge too much in that luxurious Friday night feeling and have the sense to say no to that last before last glass of tempting Friday wine! I'm not saying that we were sensible last night as we did imbibe a tiny bit with friends to celebrate the weekend, but luckily it didn't stop us enjoying Saturday. I wanted to visit a shop called Relics in Ruthven Lane which is literally crammed from floor to ceiling with a glorious assortment of vintage ephemera, classed as antique to some and junk to others, it's all a matter of opinion. I could easily have spent ages sifting through the old books and comics and if there had been some old Bunty comic from the fifties, I'd have bought the lot. I spent a good while looking at the old photographs which always make me feel incredibly sad; who are these people and why aren't the photographs being treasured in a family album instead of abandoned in an old box?
After our rummage Mr K and I thought it was time for cake so after a quick look in Studio at 37 we hot footed down Byres road to Kember & Jones for some good old Saturday indulgence, I had iced gingerbread and fruit tea and he had coffee and a glorious piece of cake topped with a strawberry - perfect end to the afternoon and not even getting soaked on the way back to the car spoiled a thing!


June 21, 2011

Would be nice to be celebrating midsummer with a barbeque, enjoying a warm summer evening sipping some nice chilled wine wearing one of these colourful creations courtesy of ECA. I can imagine myself in the blue dress, mingling and chatting to my friends, carelessly throwing together a salad or two to have with the marinaded lamb/beef skewered stuff...whatever... followed by strawberries, or maybe a cheescake or a pavlova - I DO like a bit of pavlova. Or maybe we could skip the barbeque altogether and just have the wine with a platter of nice cheese and olives and gorgeous bread; I like informal, so much better than slaving over the barbeque worrying whether or not you are going to give everyone food poisoning by serving undercooked whatevers! Or we could just have wine with crisps and nuts, it's the company and friendship that really matters after all - not the food. Or we could just have wine, and all be happy sitting in the warmth of the sun, and then I could put on a nice wrap over my blue dress as the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly; purple or maybe green? and everyone will be a bit loud because they have drunk too much wine and not had any food (!) but they won't care, and I'll just light a few candles and it'll be perfect, really perfect... pity it's 12 ºC and RAINING. Sigh!

Father's day

June 19, 2011

Breakfast with our baby girl this morning at the Rio Cafe for father's day; eggs benedict all round with loads of coffee in a genuine battered about unpretentious cafe!

The last photograph is my handsome Dad - check the sunglasses!

Thursday smile

June 16, 2011

Driving to work this morning listening to Chris Evans on the radio and he played the theme tune to Thunderbirds, it made me chuckle because for some crazy reason I remembered when I was young having a crush on one of the puppets! I can't quite remember whether it was Virgil or Scott, but it was one of the brunette brothers with the expressive eyebrows and cute little dimple, sure he could be a bit wooden at times and had a funny walk, but I didn't mind... The really embarrassing thing is that when I did some research tonight I found out that I must have been eleven; can you imagine an eleven year old these days thinking a puppet was cute, texting their friends: OMG Virgil is soooooo cute! Social suicide...

My heart just didn't belong to Virgil (I'm sure it WAS Virgil I liked) oh no, I also loved Illya Kuryakin in The Man from U.N.C.L.E, I even had a plastic U.N.C.L.E badge bought from Woolworths, well at least he was a real person so I was obviously moving in the right direction. If Chris Evans hadn't played that tune this morning I might have forgotten about Virgil forever, and that's just wrong because you should always remember your first crush... Thunderbirds here

Elephant in the corner

June 15, 2011

Friends and I visited Edinburgh College of Art today to see the Degree Show and as usual were blown away by the creativity and talent of the students. One of our ex students graduates this year from Graphics and she kindly showed us round the exhibits in Graphic Design. I don't like to mention the elephant in the corner but it was rather hard to ignore...

Stopped to take this photograph of the castle on the way to the Art school, it never ceases to impress no matter how often I see it, admittedly it's been a while since I visited, I think the last time I was on the esplanade was to see James Taylor in concert; happy days! 'I've seen fire and I've seen rain...' so true, lots of rain James...

Laura in front of her work. You can see more of the wonderful Graphic design work here The student work on show in each of the departments was excellent but my heart will always belong to Graphics and illustration, visiting ECA Illustration has without doubt become one of my highlights of the year. I fell in love with much of the stunning work but couldn't tear myself away from this work by Matt McCann

For more of the stunning work by ECA illustrators please visit their website, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

I need some sun desperately

June 12, 2011

I bought some plants for my tubs a few weeks ago and they have been lying neglected in our back garden waiting for a nice sunny day to plant them out; today didn't turn out to be sunny but at least it didn't rain and there were no gales so I decided to go for it and get them planted.  We certainly don't have to worry about droughts and water shortages around here so I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm a little bit sad that it's June and there is still no sign of summer around here - central heating is STILL on tonight!

It's the weekend

June 11, 2011

Weekend started with a spur of the moment visit to Jamie's Italian in George Square on Friday night. Quite often Mr K and I order the same meal in a restaurant, it just happens, we have similar taste in food it's rare for one of us to get something the other dislikes, we can be out for dinner with friends sit at opposite ends of the table and nine times out of ten will end up with the same choice of meal!  For starters we shared Nachos Jamie style then both decided on linguine, I had prawn and chilli and Mr K had mussels, both of which were delicious; we didn't want to be too greedy (who am I kidding) so shared a tiramisu for dessert all helped down of course with a cheeky bottle of red. The waiter was really lovely and caved in to my demands for a badge just like his, in fact he brought us one each and some Jamie stickers, I'm now the proud owner of a badge which says 'I ate all my greens at Jamie's Italian' - something tells me that the badges might not have been aimed at our age group but hey, they're cute! It might have been too much red wine (who me...) but my photographs from the night seem a teeny bit blurry, still it all adds to the mood! Saturday morning we joined S & C for breakfast at Cafezique, look at that wonderful beetroot and mackerel paté,  I'm reliably informed my Mr K that it tasted as good as it looked. Recipe for the Chilli Prawn Linguine is here.
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