December 23, 2011

Before the Christmas celebrations start I want to post about another of our recent Fife weekends, this one celebrating our friend Jimmy's 80th birthday. It was a fabulous night thanks to his lovely wife Helen and two beautiful daughters Rowan and Flora. Jimmy knew nothing about the plans, it was a real surprise to him when he arrived at the pub for what he thought was a quiet pint - not so it turned out! Mr K and I had a brilliant time, so brilliant in fact that I didn't manage to get a photograph of the birthday boy, it was just so packed with well wishers that there just didn't seem a good photo opportunity so I've used a photograph from January 2009, well what's a couple of years between friends and it's a perfect picture to accompany the cool cake that Rowan made for her Dad; Jimmy and a glass of red...

I got my camera out later on in the evening and insisted on Flora being my model, sadly I still haven't a clue about that pesky ISO thing so the photographs taken without flash were very dark but hey, I like to think I'm a problem solver so I've just used a couple of filters. It has to be said that I usually hate photoshop filters but on this occasion I think they look not too bad. I seriously loved Flora's gorgeous sparkly eye make-up and kept trying to capture it but this is the best I managed after God knows how many attempts. Rowan was also coerced into the photo shoot with her sister - what beautiful girls!

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