Fairy tales

November 23, 2011

I've been missing recently from my little blog; it must be the autumn equinox or something but I always indulge in a bit of introspection at this time of year, not bad but not good either. It's over now so I'm back!
My mother, the QVC Queen, Victoria and I were shopping on Sunday, looking at Christmas decorations. I pointed out this little lady to Victoria; OMG I said - who would buy a fairy that looks like a drag queen? Two seconds later we spotted my mother with the drag queen in basket heading towards the checkout; I panicked because I thought it might be a present for me, but no, it's safely back in my mother's little flat, no doubt getting prepared for Christmas, throwing a few more sequins on, back combing the hair a little more, one happy little drag queen fairy.

1 comment:

Carol said...

Oh Fiona that is a darling err little fairy with birds nest hair! Hahahaha. So glad to see your post!

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