3 Cheers

November 25, 2011

Sara and Craig moved into their flat today; they are now home owners. It's been quite a journey with stress and tears and inefficient lawyers and horrible bankers and I now know why the whole property market is at a standstill, it's because it's almost impossible for first time buyers to get mortgages...God I HATE the banks!
Still, this young couple have managed it and for that their family should be thankful, coincidentally just a day after Thanksgiving, wouldn't it have been cool if they had managed to move into their flat on Thanksgiving. It's a funny thing but I have been fixating recently on things to be thankful for, rather like some scary religious fundamentalist, it's not even as if we are American but I actually like the idea of reflecting on things to be thankful for.  Mr K is the opposite, swearing about the state of the world and the fact we will all have to work until we are 101 before we can get a pension. Well, I've got a lot to be thankful for and I'll not be dissuaded from that thought tonight - 3 cheers for Sara and Craig and their first home together... Hip, hip hooray! Poster from Mary Kate mcDevitt


esther_a said...

Oh, so that's one more hurdle to overcome in parenthood, is it?! Why is it that when you first become a mother the only hurdles you're made aware of are giving birth, bathing, feeding and changing nappies?!! We were awoken at 4am this morning to rescue DD#2 and friends from a nightclub where there was a fight over a boyfriend and DD#1 also got herself into a pickle.

Lynne said...

Hallalujah and I add my thanks !

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