September 18, 2011

Not been a brilliant weekend as my throat thing has morphed into a hacking cough, the kind that keeps you up at night and makes you want to throw up - lovely. Saturday late afternoon I was back on the sofa and Mr K mentioned that Spartacus was on TV... brilliant I enthused, just the thing for slobbing out on the sofa.
It's on for hours he stated with dismay, but I'm not well, I countered and I love Spartacus. I have to tell you that Mr K in no way shares my enthusiasm for film but he is kind and loving so he sloped off to do other stuff, like watch the rugby world cup upstairs, have a nap, do anything but watch Kirk Douglas. Eventually he came back downstairs after a couple of hours, sat down despondantly: "F%@k, is he still not crucified ....?"

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