August 01, 2011

Dentist today. I was anxious about this, mainly because I haven't been there since November and I carry with me a deep rooted nervousness about visiting the dentist. It's not that I have anything to be worried about, I had the same dentist for nearly thirty one years after we moved to Glasgow and he was incredibly nice and never hit a nerve once, but that's the problem with dentists, you just need to have one butcher in your childhood and the memory is stored away in your brain for ever. I grew up when I suspect dentists were paid by the number of fillings they did; there can be no coincidence that all my contemporaries also have mouths full of iron.

My lovely dentist retired last year and now I have a dentist who is fourteen. OK, I know he's not really that young because his qualifications are on the new trendy glass nameplate outside the surgery, and unless he is a child prodigy then he can't possible be fourteen, but to me he looks really young, and if he's that young then does he understand that he has NEVER to hit a nerve, even by accident, does he know about the old dentists who used to cause pain, does he even know about pain, has he ever felt what it is like to have a drill hit a nerve, and if he's never felt it then how can I trust him not to do it?

I used to joke with my previous dentist to be gentle, but that sounds creepy now, no way could I say that to this dentist. My daughter reliably informed me he is hot, but I'm too old to know what hot is, and my hot is not her hot, and my hot is definitely not fourteen. I looked into his eyes while he was giving me a lecture about flossing; they were the only thing I could see as he is an earnest young dentist fully masked as if he was about to perform open heart surgery while polishing my teeth, and I admit he does have nice eyes, and a nice Irish accent as well, but I still gripped the chair, the elegant new chair, with a vice like grip not caring about the nice eyes, or the chair, just worrying that he was going to cause pain with that nasty little spiky thing dentists use to probe for decay.

Everything in the surgery is new and gleaming and high tech and sparkly, even the assistants look like beauty therapy rejects and I had a yearning for my old dentist, who wasn't hot but who played opera and classical music to relax his patients and never once gave me a lecture about flossing; and he was great with the girls when they were growing up and made sure they have perfect teeth and no hang ups about pain. Sometimes change is difficult.
In the spirit of youth, this is my smile when I was seventeen. Why is it when you are seventeen there are no hot dentists?


Sara said...

ok - which one is the hot one? I am quite sure I did not get this sparkly eyed, 14 year old dental prodigy last time I visited. Gutted.

Carol said...

I have an abnormal fear of dentists, and I hadn't been in an absolute age. When I moved to the country it was hard to even get into a dentist so I gave up, they were all "not taking any new patients at this time".

Until one day I bit on an M&M and broke a blasted molar. Now I HAD to go. Still no one taking new patients, I was crying on the phone to them, begging them. Mike ended up getting on the phone to his dentist, which I might add I'd already blubbered like a baby to on the phone, and he got me an appointment with his partner in the clinic, who happened to be his wife.

She was lovely, I thought right, I can handle this. I decided as it was a back molar and I had no intention of getting a root canal it could come out. Well she set to work and tried and tried and subsequently after AN HOUR IN THE CHAIR with her pulling my tooth, the whole thing had broken off so there was nothing left to pull and root still in the gum.

Oh flip, where was this getting me? An appointment with a dental surgeon who had to open up my gum and get the root out.

So I get the whole not wanting pain bit. I am waiting for the day it can be done by lazer from the other side of the room and they don't have to touch me. Zap and it's done.

So I'm hearing you about the whole dentis thing girlfriend! :-)

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