Port Issaac

August 14, 2011

En route to our next destination we decided to visit Port Isaac to check out the home of our favourite TV doctor, Doc Martin. Mr K and I are great fans of Martin Clune's curmudgeonly character with his total lack of respect for political correctness and dearth of even a smidgen of bed side manner. We had to do the 'fan' thing and walked up the hill to the Doc's surgery which in real life is probably someone's home and the PRIVATE PROPERTY sign, which definitely doesn't exist in the series, is probably a big hint about how the owners feel about sad people like us... On the way back to the car we were harassed by a seagull who obviously wanted us to take his photograph; "Yeh, OK seagull, we see you, you look great - go away!" it's probably tragic when the camera crews move out and you're no longer a star - just an ordinary seagull craving attention, a has been who once was an extra in a comedy drama. In the words of Napolean Bonaparte: "fame is fleeting, obscurity is forever"!

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esther_a said...

How spectacular! I certainly want to go there one day! (another place on my very long list...) You didn't happen to bump into the Large family by any chance? ;) Mr Large is such a sweet character!

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