Eighty Six

August 14, 2011

My lovely mum the QVC Queen, had her birthday celebrations on Saturday. I look at these photographs and her skin and think wow! I do pray I've inherited her genes, because I read an article recently which stated that all the expensive creams in the world won't make a difference to your skin, four things will: Sun, alcohol, smoking and genes. I regret bitterly every moment I've ever spent toasting my skin during the heady days of my youth in an effort to achieve that sun kissed look which was so popular in the eighties. Whereas my dear mum has never been abroad in her life, well unless you count Ireland; has never even set foot on an aeroplane so no dehydrating flights to suck out all the moisture from her skin, and living in Scotland, well lets just say that sun damage to her skin must be minimal. She did smoke a little in her youth, but then everyone did back then and that was over sixty years ago.  Alcohol; don't we all love a glass or two of wine? I've sadly, sunbathed in the past; this is like an AA meeting - I'm Fiona and I have binged on both sun and wine... OK, I admit I shouldn't use the past tense about the vino BUT, on the positive side, I've never smoked so it's not all bad!!

It's a sobering thought though, to consider that your eighty six year old mother has better skin than you...

Like this natural photograph taken in mum's flat. Mum with Mopsy wrapped in a blanket to stop her shedding fur all over the good clothes. Mopsy, 92 in cat years and still looking good, could it be because of those moisturising skin wipes mum uses on her coat; skin care for cats, because she's worth it - the Jane Fonda of the cat world! The Marks & Sparks bag I should have removed from the back of the sofa before taking the photograph, but hey it all tells a story, the cardigan was a present from Craig and Sara and although gorgeous, needs to be returned for a slightly bigger size, mum likes 'loose' garments. The book that Sara is holding is one that her Granny had just given her about food cures for different ailments. By the look of the advice in the book Sara will be on a diet of... not sure... chicken? Flowers in the background are from Victoria and there's me in the mirror taking the photograph in my orange/teal combo... teal sale dress from Joules; what a bargain!

Mr K thinks I'm turning into some kind of daft food critic always taking photographs of meals, but I would like to think I'm just documenting the artistry, or not, of food presentation, so there! We had lunch at Livingston's in Linlithgow. I had the Pan fried sea bass with crispy parmesan & sundried tomato polenta & basil puree followed by Whisky parfait, chocolate ganache, raspberry puree & toasted oats. The waitress we had was charming and no complaints from anyone about their food but when we arrived at 1.30pm there were only us and one other couple in the whole restaurant so that felt slightly strange, maybe everyone else had already eaten and gone... I think next time we may skip lunch and have dinner instead, it was strangely lonely in there.

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