Riverside Museum

July 18, 2011

Mr K and I decided it was about time we visited the Riverside Museum, new home to Scotland's Museum of Transport. We had heard that the parking could be difficult, meaning that the car park is too small for the number of visitors so we parked at the Science centre and enjoyed a stroll along the Clyde to get there, passing the Forgotten Island en route. Of course as it's a holiday here everyone else in the area must have also thought it was a good idea to visit the Riverside Museum as well; it was very, very busy. When the girls were small the old Transport Museum based at the Kelvin Hall was always a good bet for a place to go on a rainy day and we all loved having a wander around looking at the model boats and the old trams. The trams and buses were always my favourite along with the street reconstruction, and both are still featured in the new museum, with the street being better than ever as you can now go inside the shops and be instantly transported back to the 1890s and 1930s. There were so many people crowding into the old subway cars that it felt like rush hour in London! I'm not sure about the pistachio interior paintwork of the museum but maybe it'll grow on me after a few more visits, the exterior I do love though.

Neither of us is particularly fond of crowded places and it was so busy that we couldn't spend time looking at all the videos and installations so we decided it was time to head for coffee. One look at the queue for the Museum cafe was all it took to make up our mind that it was time to leave and head to Sonny and Vito's Deli in Park road for some quiet time and a coffee and sandwich...bliss!

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