Little Venice

July 09, 2011

Recently Mr K and I were in London visiting our daughter, a pre-birthday visit as we couldn't be with her on her actual birthday. We arrived mid week and as Victoria was still at work during the day we spent the time chilling out and exploring a bit more of her neighbourhood and better still, enjoyed the good weather, it's always nice to have a little bit of sun in your life! I wanted to visit Clifton Nursery after seeing it featured at Junkaholique, which is a lovely blog and worth a peek. I'm seriously beginning to worry that I'll become one of those old ladies who spend their time in Garden Centres, maybe it's in the genes and there's no point in even trying to fight it, having said that, Cliftons is delightful and not in the least like Dobbies. It could be the difference between a 'nursery' and a garden centre; one is trying to be all things to all people, a catch all for plants, clothes, toys, food, candles etc. and the other is a younger 'nursery' version with just a smattering of the aforementioned cornucopia of goods - who knows.

To get to the Nursery we walked along the canal to Little Venice and discussed whether or not we could live in a little community like that. One of the barges was belting out what sounded like heavy metal so that put paid to the dream of a quiet life on the river - that plus the fact that to live this life there would have to be some serious de-cluttering, I have just too much stuff to fit into one barge. I love the dream though, the possibilities, I started to imagine what our barge would be like; the colour we would paint it, the flowers on deck, the fairy lights, the warm evenings - didn't give any thought to chemical toilets and pesky tourists who stare and take photographs and anti-social heavy metal next door barge neighbours; but that's the good thing about dreams, they're always perfect.

I discovered during this walk that my camera battery was about to die and I'd forgotten to bring the charger, so these are the only photographs I got the whole time we were in London, but hey, doesn't matter, we'll be back!

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