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July 12, 2011

Sara's choice for her birthday celebration was Mother India's Cafe, an Indian tapas restaurant. Mr K and I have eaten in Mother India before and love the food but the tapas style of the cafe was new to us. Did I like it? Yes and no. Yes to the food and the staff were certainly lovely but I hate that feeling of being rushed, y'know the kind of thing, where you pause and the dishes are instantly cleared away, that feeling of hurry up we need the table - now! We bought a second bottle of wine and luckily it had a screw top so we took it away with us, that says it all...we didn't feel relaxed enough to just sit and finish the wine we bought in the restaurant! So back to No 29 for the rest of the evening and a chance to get some more photographs of the birthday girl.

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Carol said...

I quite like tapas, I like the thought I can taste a whole heap of different things. Otherwise I'm always the bunny at the table that we get our orders and I look around and someone else's food always looks better. I have food selection envy when it comes to dining!

Although we had a work function out last year and Mike came with me. To tapas. Oh dear. We'd actually finished the plates, there were about 20 of us, plates a plenty, and when they were cleared Mike was expecting the main course to come out. He thought that was entree! Eeeek. We ended up at maccas on the way home for him.


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