Happy Birthday Victoria

July 07, 2011

Twenty nine years ago that was me looking with awe at our beautiful baby girl, she didn't exactly arrive the way it had been planned; natural childbirth and all that, but I guess that you have to work hard to achieve everything of value in life and I certainly laboured (!) long and hard before Victoria made her way into the world, and sometimes it has to be said that a bit of pain relief is no bad thing... In those good old days mothers and babies stayed in hospital for seven days after a birth. I was more than happy to stay, I knew zilch about babies and needed all the help I could get! Memories, in no particular order - Mr K holding our baby just after she was born; tea and toast which I couldn't eat but Mr K did; rude auxiliary nurses who would wrap the babies tightly like little mummified creatures and annoyingly would get them to sleep in seconds after us mothers were driven to teary wrecks having grappled for hours with screaming infants; terry toweling nappies and nappy pins; struggling with breast feeding; the Queen Mother's (hospital) famous nipple cream; rubber rings to sit on; the mum in the next bed who had a thirteen pound baby girl without having one stitch (life's not fair); laughing with other rookie mums; nocturnal babies; three day blues; hot summer days; strawberries; Mr K forgetting to bring my shoes so I left the hospital to bring our new baby home wearing my red slippers; refusing to take my earings out before I went to theatre - and they stayed in - no one argues with a woman after seventeen hours in labour. 

Most of all I remember spending all day, every day holding our beautiful girl not wanting to put her down or leave her for even a second, seems like yesterday - Happy Birthday Victoria!  

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