Happy Birthday Sara

July 11, 2011

My baby girl is twenty six today! July is the month for birthdays in the K household, only four days between the birthdays, in fact I'm convinced that it was the preparations for Victoria's third birthday party that brought on my labour with Sara; but that could be pure speculation as Victoria was early too, maybe I'm just not designed to do forty weeks.

Sara's arrival wasn't planned, she was a week early so Mr K had to do a two hour drive at 4 am to collect my mother so she could look after Victoria. I remember phoning the hospital after he had left to inform them of my intention to come in; "How often are you having contractions?" I tell them. Silence. "Are you alone...?" "no - my three year old is here". Silence. "How long do you think your husband is going to be...?" Looking back, I can see the concern, I'm not sure that they thought a three year old would be a suitable birthing partner. When Mr K eventually arrived back with my mother I was well into the breathing thing and could seriously tell that we needed to head to the hospital - like NOW!! I thought at one point Sara was going to be born in a petrol station forecourt while Mr K filled up with fuel so we could actually make it to the hospital. So, a bit of drama, but we did make it in time. I've never been so glad in my life for a whiff of gas and air  - sadly, I only got the one though as our lovely girl was born at 7.50 am. There was a tiny problem however after the birth as Sara was breathing too rapidly so she was whisked away to the baby unit and put in an incubator. We were worried naturally but the staff were great and assured us that everything would be fine. Like Victoria's birth - another week in hospital, spent mainly in the baby unit, feeding and changing before the baby was finally discharged from special care and we were allowed home. The hospital stay seemed initially to be all about expressing milk, which I discovered I wasn't very good at, my let down just wouldn't let down! I needed the real thing, let Sara cry and I would flood the room but me and the machine just didn't bond... Ah, well, that's what life is all about - learning, and I learned that there was no career for me as a wet nurse!

Happy Birthday Baby girl!

Victoria's first visit to meet her baby sister - she brought the rattle as a present, we've still got it in the attic!
Victoria had to wear a sterile gown for the visit and stand on a chair to get a good look at the baby - just thought I'd mention that incase anyone thought; Wow! she's tall for a three year old!

Check me all done up for visiting time with the pink lipstick and electric blue eye liner under the bottom lashes - hello ABBA!!

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