July 17, 2011

Yesterday we travelled to Dundee to meet up with good friends Liz and Kristian who are visiting from Norway. Liz was the very first person I spoke to on my first day at Art School; I asked her the way to the lecture theatre where all us newbies were to meet for induction, she was a cool third year Graphic design student I later found out, I was a rookie in my new suede desert boots and levi's feeling overwhelmed by the whole experience. At the same time Kristian and Mr K were somewhere else in the building being inducted into their architecture course. Fast forward; Kristian and Liz fell in love, married and moved to Norway, had two daughters. Mr K and I fell in love married and moved to Glasgow ( not quite the same excitement ...) had two daughters.

We met for lunch with them and other friends and chatted about our kids and Liz and Kristian's two year old grandchildren, and just life in general. The guys chatted about architecture and building details, sigh! We usually end these meet ups with a promise to visit Oslo but this time the diaries actually came out - so Spring 2012 we will be in Oslo...definitely.

 Couple of Liz's prints.

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