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July 30, 2011

Imagine living in the era when this kind of advertising was thought appropriate - I'd punch that guy!
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149 days to go

July 29, 2011

I can't quite believe this, but Selfridges and Harrods launched their Christmas shops today...

Photograph by Martin Godwin.

Coffee dates

One of my favourite things to do at the weekend is to go out for coffee, admittedly I like the whole experience rather than the coffee itself although coffee does taste good when it's made by a talented barista, if there's no talented barista available then I'm happy to make do with the cake...
Took this shot of Victoria a couple of weekends ago as she enjoyed her Costa flat white.


July 28, 2011

I was pottering around a little second hand bookstore recently and I spotted a Bookano book; inside the front cover it looked like the price was £55. Couldn't be, because it was in terrible condition. I asked the owner. Oh yes, he said, these are very desirable collectors items. Oh wow, I've got one in the attic I enthused, and it's in very good condition. Lucky you he said, rather dryly I thought.

The book in question had been my Uncle's and I had a hazy recollection of being given it when I might have been four or five (long, long time ago...) and I also had a vague recollection that I might have added to the illustrations with a few pencil marks, nevertheless I located it in the attic fully expecting it to be worth a small fortune, or £75 at least.

How wrong could I be. What was I thinking of, what were my parents, grandparents, uncle thinking of when they let me deface this precious book - Good grief people - this book could have been worth MONEY! The surprising thing is that my parents were very strict, I just can't imagine what happened here, maybe my uncle was babysitting and thought "what the hell, go draw all over this old book and give me some peace".

Not only did I draw (scribble) all over it but it gives a scary little insight into my 4/5 year old brain at the time. I must have been an incredibly modest child because it looks like I took total umbrage at all the nudity contained in the pages, I obviously couldn't cope with mermaids without bikini tops or ladies lolling about starkers with a creepy man ogling them from the bushes - and quite right too, there's nothing worse than creepy men lurking in the shrubs when you want to get naked. Paradoxically, I thought it OK to draw lipstick and earings on some guy patting his dog, in fact nearly all the guys got some biro lippy, the Vikings on the front cover look hysterical and the dog guy is creepy even without the lipstick, and what's that going on at the dog's rear end? Should I have been seeing a psychologist or what?

The good news is that the pop ups are in pretty good condition, and I'm quite normal now so all is not lost. This Bookano book is sadly not going to make me a fortune so I'll just hang on to it, but if you find one of these babies in a junk store or charity shop then snap it up, but remember it's got to be in reasonable condition, not one that some crazy child  has drawn all over!

It's hot

July 27, 2011

It's positively tropical these days, well maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it's HOT for Scotland. Sadly I'm off into work so there'll be no sitting in the garden soaking up the rays today.

In honour of our mini heat wave the painting is by our friend Charles Jamieson. Mr K and I adore his work, his sunny landscapes transport the viewer instantly to the beautiful hot countries he paints, I can feel the heat of the sun on my body when I look at the stunning colours. Of course, I'm always drawn to the colour blue and Charlie manages to paint the most exquisite 'blues'. We would happily fill our house with his wonderful paintings if we had enough wall space!

Couldn't resist adding this one as well from a series of paintings on New England. If I had a really large kitchen then this would be on my wall!

Summer in the city

July 26, 2011

Winter gloves

July 25, 2011

One of my goals this summer was to totally complete all my unfinished knitting projects, I've got quite a few baby jackets amongst other things which all need to be sewn up and buttons sourced; hate that part, the sewing not the buttons - love the sourcing of buttons. Luckily there are two new babies arriving over the next three months so the little jackets will find good homes. I've not quite finished everything because sewing up knitting projects is sooooo tedious and was tempted to start knitting some winter mittens instead; these are really easy and I'm planning a production line in lots of different colours! Pure coincidence that my shoes match the wool I used as a marker but it makes a good photograph...

Maureen's birthday part 2

July 24, 2011

Part 2 of the birthday celebrations started with presents for the birthday girl, a glass (or two) of chilled wine, pre-dinner nibbles plus spectacular views over Rhu bay and the Clyde beyond, the sun was shining, it "was just like being on holiday" -  I do admit to saying this more than once, but it was true! The girls, Craig and Andrew took themselves down to the beach for a photo opportunity before we left for dinner at the Kilted Skirlie; you can see a few of these beach photographs on Sara's blog Lollipop Lashes plus I've nicked a couple (three...) for here (with Sara's kind permission). At the Kilted Skirlie, Victoria and I chose good old fashioned fish and chips followed by sticky toffee pudding which we shared, makes me feel a bit less Miss Piggy that I shared dessert, because I'm ashamed to say there was not one chip left on my plate - Oh, willpower, wherefore hast thou gone?

Last view of the night was a superb sunset with Ben Lomond in the distance which Mr K tells me he climbed during a school trip when he was twelve - who knew?


July 23, 2011

Via Dailypoetics

Empty nest

July 22, 2011

Our chicks have flown and we do indeed have an empty nest, it happened gradually; there was a migration to London then Australia then London again and now the chicks have their own nests although it has to be said that these chicks have continued to store a fair amount of their fashion feathers and twigs back in the original nest. Maybe it was in the spirit of the fledglings flying the nest that made me think of making some birds as part of our Easter decorations this year. I tracked down a pattern at Martha Stewart, downloaded paper from Designer Digitals, printed out the bird pattern on double-sided patterned paper, cut them out and that was that! After Easter I loved the little birds so much I moved them to the hall and hung them on some twigs in front of our mirror, I'm also considering making some more in stronger colours for autumn or maybe using the card covers of old magazines for a graphic look or recycling old christmas cards for winter. Go on, give it a go!

Maureen's birthday part 1

July 21, 2011

My lovely sister in law's birthday yesterday so we had a little celebration dinner with Sara and Craig, it was part one in the birthday celebrations as part two will happen on Saturday with another dinner, a sort of official and unofficial birthday, just like the Queen. I'm used to July being ALL about birthdays as the girls always had two celebrations each when they were small, there was the day itself celebrating with family and then the birthday party with everyone else... I admit I do love a good birthday party though!

Maureen hates getting her photograph taken, which might or might not be normal for someone who IS a photographer; as someone who is not even sure what aperture is I can't comment but I guess I understand that if you're a photographer then the passion is for taking photographs not being in them. We have fabulous photographs of the girls at their parties but hardly any of Auntie Maureen as she was always behind the lens but I can guarantee there will definitely be photographs of the birthday girl in my post about part 2 of the celebrations, that's a promise!

I made Jamie Oliver's Spiced coley with crunchy salad and minty lemon yogurt and can thoroughly recommend it, gorgeous flavours, so easy to do and well worth trying. I spent quite a time in Sainsbury's chatting to the fishmonger and picked up some more of the Jamie oliver recipes so Creamy flaked trout spaghetti for dinner tonight, prep time 5 mins - that's my kind of recipe!  Jamie doing his stuff with the Coley recipe here

Photograph below is baby Maureen and big brother Mr K - I couldn't have a birthday post without Maureen making some kind of an appearance so I'll start with the baby pic. The other photograph I took while sitting looking towards the window after everyone had gone home and Mr K was snoozing away on the sofa, I like these little moment in time pics. Yes we do have fairy lights all year round, they're draped round a house plant and I love the way they're reflected in the window in this photograph; I firmly believe that fairy lights are not just for Christmas...

Wish this was me

July 20, 2011

What bliss, a warm sunny day hanging out with your mates in the pool with what looks like harvey wallbangers. Sheesh, I might even start smoking to be in this crew...OK, that's a lie, but these paintings from Nina Nolte are fabulous!


July 19, 2011

Vici and Stephen's wedding on Sunday in House for an Art Lover. Note to self: learn how to use your camera! I've not quite got the hang of this ISO malarky and as a result a lot of the photographs didn't turn out as well as I'd expected so I've put together a little scrapbook montage of the day instead!

Riverside Museum

July 18, 2011

Mr K and I decided it was about time we visited the Riverside Museum, new home to Scotland's Museum of Transport. We had heard that the parking could be difficult, meaning that the car park is too small for the number of visitors so we parked at the Science centre and enjoyed a stroll along the Clyde to get there, passing the Forgotten Island en route. Of course as it's a holiday here everyone else in the area must have also thought it was a good idea to visit the Riverside Museum as well; it was very, very busy. When the girls were small the old Transport Museum based at the Kelvin Hall was always a good bet for a place to go on a rainy day and we all loved having a wander around looking at the model boats and the old trams. The trams and buses were always my favourite along with the street reconstruction, and both are still featured in the new museum, with the street being better than ever as you can now go inside the shops and be instantly transported back to the 1890s and 1930s. There were so many people crowding into the old subway cars that it felt like rush hour in London! I'm not sure about the pistachio interior paintwork of the museum but maybe it'll grow on me after a few more visits, the exterior I do love though.

Neither of us is particularly fond of crowded places and it was so busy that we couldn't spend time looking at all the videos and installations so we decided it was time to head for coffee. One look at the queue for the Museum cafe was all it took to make up our mind that it was time to leave and head to Sonny and Vito's Deli in Park road for some quiet time and a coffee and sandwich...bliss!


July 17, 2011

Yesterday we travelled to Dundee to meet up with good friends Liz and Kristian who are visiting from Norway. Liz was the very first person I spoke to on my first day at Art School; I asked her the way to the lecture theatre where all us newbies were to meet for induction, she was a cool third year Graphic design student I later found out, I was a rookie in my new suede desert boots and levi's feeling overwhelmed by the whole experience. At the same time Kristian and Mr K were somewhere else in the building being inducted into their architecture course. Fast forward; Kristian and Liz fell in love, married and moved to Norway, had two daughters. Mr K and I fell in love married and moved to Glasgow ( not quite the same excitement ...) had two daughters.

We met for lunch with them and other friends and chatted about our kids and Liz and Kristian's two year old grandchildren, and just life in general. The guys chatted about architecture and building details, sigh! We usually end these meet ups with a promise to visit Oslo but this time the diaries actually came out - so Spring 2012 we will be in Oslo...definitely.

 Couple of Liz's prints.


July 16, 2011

This painting makes me very happy, I love everything about it, the colours are perfect! Maybe Shawn Huckins will get some limited edition prints done and then I could buy one and gaze at this all day long, do you think I could ask him?

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