It's the weekend

June 11, 2011

Weekend started with a spur of the moment visit to Jamie's Italian in George Square on Friday night. Quite often Mr K and I order the same meal in a restaurant, it just happens, we have similar taste in food it's rare for one of us to get something the other dislikes, we can be out for dinner with friends sit at opposite ends of the table and nine times out of ten will end up with the same choice of meal!  For starters we shared Nachos Jamie style then both decided on linguine, I had prawn and chilli and Mr K had mussels, both of which were delicious; we didn't want to be too greedy (who am I kidding) so shared a tiramisu for dessert all helped down of course with a cheeky bottle of red. The waiter was really lovely and caved in to my demands for a badge just like his, in fact he brought us one each and some Jamie stickers, I'm now the proud owner of a badge which says 'I ate all my greens at Jamie's Italian' - something tells me that the badges might not have been aimed at our age group but hey, they're cute! It might have been too much red wine (who me...) but my photographs from the night seem a teeny bit blurry, still it all adds to the mood! Saturday morning we joined S & C for breakfast at Cafezique, look at that wonderful beetroot and mackerel paté,  I'm reliably informed my Mr K that it tasted as good as it looked. Recipe for the Chilli Prawn Linguine is here.

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