Relics and cake

June 25, 2011

My favourite time of the week is Friday, I have always loved Fridays, the promise of the weekend to come; on a Friday evening Monday morning seems far away and Saturdays are full of endless possibilities. Of course the secret to a successful Saturday is to not indulge too much in that luxurious Friday night feeling and have the sense to say no to that last before last glass of tempting Friday wine! I'm not saying that we were sensible last night as we did imbibe a tiny bit with friends to celebrate the weekend, but luckily it didn't stop us enjoying Saturday. I wanted to visit a shop called Relics in Ruthven Lane which is literally crammed from floor to ceiling with a glorious assortment of vintage ephemera, classed as antique to some and junk to others, it's all a matter of opinion. I could easily have spent ages sifting through the old books and comics and if there had been some old Bunty comic from the fifties, I'd have bought the lot. I spent a good while looking at the old photographs which always make me feel incredibly sad; who are these people and why aren't the photographs being treasured in a family album instead of abandoned in an old box?
After our rummage Mr K and I thought it was time for cake so after a quick look in Studio at 37 we hot footed down Byres road to Kember & Jones for some good old Saturday indulgence, I had iced gingerbread and fruit tea and he had coffee and a glorious piece of cake topped with a strawberry - perfect end to the afternoon and not even getting soaked on the way back to the car spoiled a thing!


Charles Jamieson said...

nice colours

Carol said...

You are so awesome with the public photography. That would have broken me out into a sweat in case they got cross at me for taking photos. What on earth do you say to them or do you do it by stealth?

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