June 21, 2011

Would be nice to be celebrating midsummer with a barbeque, enjoying a warm summer evening sipping some nice chilled wine wearing one of these colourful creations courtesy of ECA. I can imagine myself in the blue dress, mingling and chatting to my friends, carelessly throwing together a salad or two to have with the marinaded lamb/beef skewered stuff...whatever... followed by strawberries, or maybe a cheescake or a pavlova - I DO like a bit of pavlova. Or maybe we could skip the barbeque altogether and just have the wine with a platter of nice cheese and olives and gorgeous bread; I like informal, so much better than slaving over the barbeque worrying whether or not you are going to give everyone food poisoning by serving undercooked whatevers! Or we could just have wine with crisps and nuts, it's the company and friendship that really matters after all - not the food. Or we could just have wine, and all be happy sitting in the warmth of the sun, and then I could put on a nice wrap over my blue dress as the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly; purple or maybe green? and everyone will be a bit loud because they have drunk too much wine and not had any food (!) but they won't care, and I'll just light a few candles and it'll be perfect, really perfect... pity it's 12 ÂșC and RAINING. Sigh!

1 comment:

Carol said...

I am so excited to see you blogging Fiona, and I looooove the colours of these dresses. I'm a bit partial to red, cause red goes fast yanno!

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