November 11, 2014


I've started to scrap a book of old family photographs, I love old photographs and it upsets me deeply when I see boxes of old photographs in junk stores; someone's whole life just abandoned with no one to cherish the sad! I'm the gatherer of family photographs but this book is coming together rather slowly as I've never been good at keeping to one task at a time, I get distracted and end up knitting a sock or reading some of my book or just being too darned tired after work to get much done. I'm aiming to have it completed by next summer, that way I don't stress myself too much with deadlines LOL!!!

This is my handsome Dad and his sister Maggie, I guess taken sometime in the forties. Digital scrapbooking supplies from Anna Aspnes.

November 09, 2014

Hello Again

Almost one year since my last post, and what a year it has been, very busy because of work stuff and exciting mainly because of the arrival of our baby granddaughter in June. She arrived a month earlier than her due date taking us all by surprise; Great Granny immediately looked up her astrological credentials and announced that baby girl would be a Gemini social butterfly rather than a home loving Cancerian - who knew that an early arrival could also mean a complete personality change Lol!! It seems like one minute the young couple in my last post were getting married and drinking champagne, the next minute having anxieties about absolutely everything in the world and how life will be for their precious baby; Daddy particularly became instantly anxious at the thought of a sixteen year old social butterfly daughter...

I've been pondering for some time what I want to do with my blog, it really has no purpose apart from as a diary, I'm not selling anything or promoting anything and I wondered if I should continue just pootering around - and the answer is yes. I'm back to just ramble on about ordinary stuff, and it feels good!

November 11, 2013

Sara & Craig's Wedding

This post is going to be VERY heavy on photographs and I make no apologies for that because the wedding turned out exactly the way Sara and Craig planned, full of fun and laughter... and you can't say fairer than that!

Tiny sample of the beautiful photographs from the truly fabulous Christopher and Gillian at Christopher Currie Photography as well as some from Victoria and Auntie Maureen; we have so many fabulous moments recorded by family and friends as well as Gillian and Chris it'll be difficult to choose just which ones to use for the album! One of my favourites is the one below... Mr K and I are trusting this young man to love and cherish our baby girl and if the look on his face caught in this candid 'snap' is anything to go by then I guess we don't have anything to worry about...

First dance was Craig's choice: Ray LaMontagne - You are the Best Thing